Find the shamanic tools to help transform and heal

the conflicts between body, mind and spirit created by the chaotic pace of modern life.


For thousands of years, our ancestors all over the world developed

their abilities to connect with spirit for transformational work.


Get grounded and re-connect with the earth spirit.

 These high energy items are ideal for the application of shamanic practices for use in healing, problem solving, self-discovery, and personal growth.

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Enjoy the relaxing and centering

 effects of native drumming.

 SHAMAN, The Healing Drum CD

 guides you on an inner journey

 and to the beyond.    More Music


  Natural seeds and jewellery

 including the Shaman Collection from

 the Venezuelan Amazon.

  GET TRIBAL with one of our ethnic instruments from around the world, and feel the power of an natural Amazon instruments including Shipibo shakers, natural rubber drums, and agogos made from Brazil nuts.


Find Books about shamans throughout

 history and their beliefs.

  Explore more about:

 Shamanism of the Amazon.