The Piaroa are an indigenous American ethnic group living along the banks of the Orinoco River and its tributaries in present day Venezuela, and in a few scattered locations elsewhere in Venezuela and in Colombia. The Piaroa number at a population of about 14,000. Seeing competition as spiritually evil and lauding cooperation, the Piaroa are both strongly egalitarian and supportive of individual autonomy. The Piaroa are also strongly anti-authoritarian and opposed to the hoarding of resources, which they see as giving members the power to constrain their freedom. - Source Wiki


In the past few decades, the Piaroa culture has nearly vanished. They are famed

for their lack of hierarchy in their social structure. They are also regarded as one of the world's most peaceful societies. Their traditions and culture remains much of a mystery to us as little has been recorded. However for those with a genuine interest in Piaroa culture, the research of Joanna Overing, maybe of interest. We are grateful to her work and devotion to this beautiful culture. Please visit Shamanism and the Amazonia Collection to view their sacred objects, masks and other items.