To survive in the influence of "civilization" the Hiwi have taken to making more commercial handicraft but still using mostly local and traditional materials. We firmly believe that to support them in these works helps them to maintain a connection to their heritage. Although the purposes may have changed from their traditional usages, we still find their works beautiful and help sustain the local environement and help them to survive.  





The Hiwi make jewellery and a wonderful variety of woven items for everyday use including bags, napsacks, pouches, hammocks, fruit baskets and container baskets with lids.





Both women and men are weavers.

 They have been innovative with their works

 and have developed many new designs to

 meet the growing demand. 

Using their traditional techniques and local palm fibers they have found

a way to support themselves using their traditonal knowledge.

Not to mention, their works are beautiful!


See our current selection of Hiwi handicraft:

Moriche Bags                         Fruit/Bread Baskets

Moriche Hammock                     Store Baskets with Lid

A Hiwi Folk Song

Above: A Hiwi woman singing a traditional song.