Cana Flecha

Caña Flecha, or Cane of Arrow, is a tall grass which is a sugar cane like plant that in indigenous to Central and South America. The plant has a long thin stalk that grows up to five meters high.


The tradition of cultivation, preparation and weaving of the plants originates with the Zenu Indians of Columbia dating back to pre-Columbian times.

Traditionally, after the veins are removed from the leaves and dried in the sun, they are soaked in natural juices for several days and then dried in the sun again. Finally, the pieces are hand woven by artisans using pre-Columbian techniques that combine indigenous and contemporary bracelets and earrings which we bring to you here.


Cana Flecha

The Classic  in black and white is one of our most popular bracelets. We offer it in the traditional design of black and white but featuring a varity of weaves so, each one is slightly different. Inspired from the traditional indigenous arts of the Zenu of Columbia we offer you a contemporary looking, well priced and sustainable fashion.

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