Amazon Conservation Team

  The mission of the Amazon Conservation Team is to work in partnership with indigenous people to conserve biodiversity, improve human health, and fortify traditional culture in greater Amazonia.


For over a decade, The Amazon Conservation Team (ACT) has pioneered a successful conservation model in the Amazon rainforest – biocultural conservation, an approach to conservation that views biodiversity and native cultures as an interrelated system. 


We work alongside the men, women and children of indigenous communities of the Amazon to help them to meaningfully contribute to lasting conservation of their home – the Amazon rainforest – while strengthening fundamental aspects of their rapidly disappearing cultures. In order to achieve this goal, ACT believes its programs must both improve land management strategies in the Amazon and address the urgent survival needs and well-being of its indigenous communities.


The means by which ACT addresses these two paramount needs can be described as efforts to Map, Manage, and Protect indigenous lands and to Preserve, Strengthen, and Promote the integrity of the cultures, communities, and families of our indigenous partners.  Help us to continue our work to help families and communities of the rainforest to sustainably manage the rainforest - a place so vitally connected to every family and community on our planet!


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President & co-founder, Mark J Plotkin



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