Origin: Bali

Materials: Gourd and seeds

Color: mixed blue, yellow, pink & greens - varied

These colorful shakers are hand painted in Bali and lots of fun! The design is simple: two colorful balls attached by a cord. To play, hold one sphere in the palm of the hand with the cord between the index and third finger. Then swing the other pod over to gently hit the first one, producing a rhythmic percussive and shaker sound. Just watch the Pro below.

Ethnic Instrument - Asalato

This instrument could be considered an art form as it requires not only skill but imagination and creativity. It is comprised of two gourds which are filled with seeds and then attached by a cord which is held between the fingers allowing the seeds to gentle hit one another. Basically it is a shaker but with a lot more flexibility. Through the use of hand and arm movement and the uses of gravity and speed you can create endless rhythms and affects. It requires a lot of BRAIN power and focus and it's almost feels somewhat like a meditation when you are playing them. But, be WARNED it is addictive!!!



Detail: A traditional Africa percussion toy made from the gourd of the Swawa tree and filled with stones. They are quite popular around the world, and refered to by many names such as kashaka, cascas, televi, po po, kasso-kassoni, and more.


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