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In July 2011, Designer Violeta Villacorta and her husband, metal artist Dylan Farnham, traveled for the first time to meet Awajún artisans in the Peruvian Amazon. Violeta was invited by the artisans to explore the possibility of working together to promote and sell their exquisite crafts, as well as co-design collections for a wide market, while remaining authentic to their traditions.

A beautiful, long journey, the trip began in Lima by road and took two days to get to Urakusa. On the way, they visited the community of Chiriaco to meet with another group of artisans who had been informed of Violeta's work by Awajún representative Ambrocio Uwak. They continued on to Urakusa for two full days of connecting and working with the Awajún artisans.

The Awajún artisans are a talented group of women, who make high quality accessories made with materials grown sustainably and wild in the rainforest. Since meeting the Awajún artisans, Violeta works with them via email, phone and the postal system.

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Visit to the Awajún Community of Urakusa, Peruvian Amazon