The Calanoa Project

Calanoa is located on the banks of the Amazon River, 60 km west of the Colombian town of Leticia, beside the Amacayacu Natural Park and several indigenous communities of the Tikuna people. The Calanoa project is an initiative by Marlene and Diego Samper that aims to contribute to the conservation of biological and cultural


diversity in the Amazon region by providing a setting for scientific research, communication and education, aesthetic research, innovative design and architecture, as well as sustainable tourism. It is a permanent forum for art, design and science, through residencies, workshops, encounters and international meetings.


2012 Workshop & Tours

Amazon Fiber Arts Workshop

a workshop with local indigenous masters

January 12th to 24rd

A hands-on experience of Fiber Arts in an Amazonian culture. This is a unique opportunity to engage in a creative dialogue with local masters from the Huitoto and Tikuna people.

Hosted by Marlene and Diego Samper





A photographic expedition to the Andes and the Amazon.

January 26th to February 7th

Develop techniques of travel and nature photography in the tropics, guided by Diego Samper.


A Naturalist in the Amazon

A guided exploration to the Amazon rainforest.

On demand, from November 2011 to April 2012

Experience the rainforest through your mind and senses, guided by a naturalist and an artist, as well as local indigenous guides.

Hosted by Marlene and Diego Samper




Spanish Immersion: three forests, three cultures  

February 11th to 26th 2012

Hosted by Marlene Samper

For information and registration, contact Marlene or Diego Samper:

Groups limited to 10 people. Register now!