Highlighting the beauty of natural materials these items help to protect the rainforests. We can encourage preservation by encouraging the cultivation of seeds and other natural products of the trees rather then the harvesting of them.



Experience the power of the Amazon where ever you are in the world with our natural jewellery. Feel the power of acai and huayruro seeds that are said to bring good luck!

Our collection consists of a contempory seed jewellery designs that are handcrafted by the indigenous artisans of South America. Bright and colorful yet earthy, these pieces are designed for modern taste but rooted in local traditions from which they are made including local plant knowledge and preparation techniques.



Rainforest seed sets

including necklace & earrings 


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By choosing to wearing natural jewellery you can make a positive impact on the world:

  • Environment: our seeds and other materials come from a renewable source and encourage the use instead of the destruction of nature.
  • Cultural: the art of making natural jewellery is rooted in traditions of local material and processes that help communities maintain a sense of identity and connection with their past.
  • Social: buying from communities and individuals encourages good working conditions and offers a  progressive way to earn money in a global market.
  • Aesthetic: natural jewellery not only looks good it feels good to wear too!