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 ARTE AMAZONIA informs readers about various topics in the form of articles, art, and audio/video content that focus in some way with Amazonia. Authors receive full credit for their submissions.

  We welcome all amazon experts, adventurers and artist to

submit material for display in one of our main sections:


  • Culture & Shamanism (beliefs, spirituality & environment, ancient knowledge, myths, social roles, creativity and consciousness)
  • Arte & Films (Amazon themed painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, dance, theater, installations, visionary, films)
  • Jungle-Kids (art, crafts, science, education links, worksheets, projects, books, films)
  • Business Community (books, DVD's, CD's, Amazon eco-travel, workshops, eco-lodges, education, workshops, art classes/schools, natural jewelry, sustainable businesses, music therapy, shamanic resources, drumming, amazon handicrafts, and other relevant subjects)


Suitable Content
Articles, videos, and audio clips submitted can either be original or previously published. We claim no rights. Note that content must be educational in nature; no commercials please.
Content can range from beginning level articles or videos for novices to more advanced or complex pieces that would interest other professionals. Any length is also accepted.
Please make sure your submissions are consistent with the theme of the site (our mission: Arte Amazonia is an online community and portal dedicated to the people, land and cultures of the Amazon. We will review everything sent, therefore, we ask you to be patient with our response time. Expect a response in 2 - 3 weeks.
Acceptable File Types
Text Files: TXT, DOC (no pdfs please)
Graphic Files: JPG, (300 dpi - we will downsize as necessary)
Video Files: You-tube or other public domain videos. Videos MUST offer an embed code. Please submit only the link to the video. We will grab the embed code.
All Submissions Should Include the Following Info
1. font: Veranda, 12 pt
2. single spaced between lines and double spaced between paragraphs
3. one space between sentences and after colons
4. no indention at the beginning of new paragraphs
5. length: 300 to 1200 words
6. longer articles ideally should be broken into 2 or more sections at appropriate breaking points. We will publish each segment in sequence over time. Please offer suggestions for appropriate segment breaks.
7. capitalize only the first letter of each word for titles of articles/videos and author names
8. on-line articles should not be copied and pasted from a website into an email - please reformat the article in the body of an email using the guidelines above and provide the link to the original
9. include a short bio, photo and contact info. 

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