Plant Knowledge


"Imagine walking through the rainforests of Ecuador, surrounded by medicinal plants and wild foods. Harmonies of birds and locusts blanket the forest from lush treetops. Your group pauses for a moment to take it all in... that's when you discover you're standing right next to a sacred Sangre de Drago tree, rich with natural medicine, standing five stories tall with a gorgeous canopy of leaves shaped like hearts. Your group guide makes a small incision on the tree bark and the medicine begins to flow: It's an anti-cancer tree sap, made of 90% proanthocyanidins. It's been used by the Shuar Indians as living medicine for centuries and now you're getting to taste it fresh, raw and wild, right off the tree...

This scene isn't fiction. I experienced it myself last December as part of an eco-tourism mission I've taken on to help promote ecological tourism through Ecuador." - Mike Adams, The Health Ranger

Products and Resources

One of the key solutions to maintaining the tropical rainforests, has been in recognizing the rich resources that it has to offer. Western scientist have long traveled deep into the jungles to discover miracle plants and bring them back to the west to study; knowledge which the shamans have used for thousands of years and have maintained faithfully. Today, many leading doctors, scientist and healers are seeking to better understand this ancient jungle knowledge. The future of Amazonia conservation is in the  preservation of that knowledge. Leading groups in this field include the Rainforest Alliance and The Amazon Conservation Team who are demonstrating their leadership as visionaries of tomorrow.


Below is a list of some common natural

products, that offer a sustainable future to Amazonia.