Nouvelle Planete

Nouvelle Planète works with local communities and organizations in Africa, Asia and South America such as Peru Amazonian. It supports concrete projects run by dynamic partners, without governmental intermediaries.



Click here to view a brief documentary titled:

"Woodstock in the Amazon" narrated by Jeremy Narby.


This clip focuses on Peruvian Amazonian culture, tradition and the importance of songs to tell the stories of the past and carry on traditions to the next generation.



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Please make checks made payable to the "Marion Institute" with "Nouvelle Planete"

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Nouvelle Planete
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202 Spring St.
Marion, MA  02738

Ph:  508.748.0816
Fax:  508.748.1976



Jeremy Narby
Nouvelle Planete Project Leader


"Since 1999, the Marion Institute has been empowering my work to empower the indigenous people of the Amazon in their struggle to preserve their territories and their cultures. The Marion Institute's backing has been generous, regular, and wise. I could not dream of a better benefactor, and I do my best to live up to this trust. The Marion Institute has taken my work as an activist to a new level, and has given me wings."
— Jeremy Narby