Amazonia Instruments

All of our instruments are one-of-a-kind including traditional maracas from the Bora, Shipibo, Piaroa. These powerful shakers are objects of power, ideal for vision quests and shamanic practices. Most of our items are made from natural materials including calabash, Brazil nut shells, woods, palm fibers and natural rubber.

In addition, we offer recycled shakers made by a community in Brazil using discarded tin cans which are covered with natural rubber and filled with seeds creating a really pleasurable sound.


The Cosmic Egg

These unique Cosmic Eg Shakers are hand crafted in Peru and made by the Bora. Implementing their traditional techniques, they are made from local calabash, called Totumo. This fruit is harvested, dried and then etched with power animals and geometric designs.  


Calabash is very hard and is traditionally used for shaman rattles and drinking bowls. These eggs are filled with Huayruro rainforest seeds which are believed to bring good luck.

Our smallest ones are about 1.5 x 1.5 inches but don't be fooled, theses little eggs are powerful. The larger ones, which are approximately 6 x 4, make a stunning home accent, not to mention, they feel and sound great!

Natural Rubber


Our rubber instruments include shakers, drums and clacks which help support communities who are working with their natural resources. With the rubber from their territories, they dye it sometimes using vegetable color, and then spin and dry it in sheets, which is then molded.




Brazil Nut

The Brazil Nut Agogo
The Brazil Nut Agogo




The Brazil Nut Agogo is 100% natural and made from the large textured shell of the Brazil nut. The wood is selected for it's form and line resulting an elegant and unusual clack that sounds and looks excellent!