The Amazon Messenger

-Green leather -

vegetable leather

The natural rubber is applied to a cotton backing fabric, which makes the bag very strong and sturdy.

This extraordinary and everyday bag is the classic natural rubber bag, for all who love something quality & unique.

Say it with Style

  • Handmade, fair trade messenger bag
  • Fusion of contemporary design with traditional techniques
  • Dark brown faux leather exterior 
  • Dyed using natural vegetable extracts and tree bark
  • Unisex bag suitable for men or women


Material: natural rubber, cotton fiber as a carrier tissue - 100% natural materials
People: Caboclos
Origin: Brazil


The Amazon Messenger - The AM

The Amazon Messenger or The AM Bag is a natural rubber messenger bag handmade in Brazil. Say what you feel with style - save the Amazon! This product is 100 % sustainable which promotes the maintenance of forest instead of harvesting of the wood. It employs the local community and encourages ecological maintenance instead of destruction.


-Dark faux leather exterior with contrasting light interior

-Closes with rainforest seed button

-engraved rainforest design

-100% vegan product



width 25cm

legnth 30cm

Overall length with strape 88cm

145,00 €

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