Acamonchi Art

Born in Ensenada, Mexico, in 1970, Gerardo Yepiz is a major contributor to the worldwide street art and graffiti scene. He is a graphic designer, silkscreen printer and visual artist who has exhibited in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, the UK, France, Spain, Japan and The Netherlands. His work is closely tied to the international music and action sports industries. Not to mention, he is an outspoken vegan as well as bike activist. With his bike he takes to the pavement and make his way around with no need of car or oil.


“Bike riding has great potential for friendship and community,” says Gerardo, as he talks about the purpose of mass rides—to laugh, have fun, meet new people and get crazy on bikes in a peaceful expression of individuality.


But in the original spirit of critical mass, these rides harbor an undercurrent of grassroots activism as well.



“There’s a political statement behind them,” says Gerardo.

“Reclaiming the streets, making it safe for everyone to ride and

reminding motorists to be more aware and drive safely.”

From: Juxtapoz May 2009

Acamonchi's Art Studio: “Pushing the pedals not my beliefs”

"Acamonchi is a war cry for truth in a world of lies and greed - a simple act of freedom that makes a statement like no other."

- Angelo Gastelum aka El Poeta

Mexican born and bred, Gerardo Yepiz, aka Acamonchi has the calmness and perspective of a skater punk all grown up. A vegan dedicated to biking and San Diego's bike culture, Acamonchi is a testament to a level of success reached through sustained commitment and a solid work ethic. Working in silkscreening, paint, spray painted stencils and hand drawings, his work is the product of his complete dedication to craft, focused individuality, and his effort to accurately portray his vision.

Acamonchi paintings serve as a forum of cross-cultural communication between his adopted home of California and his Mexico roots, often laced with latent political or social message. Overarching messages aside, Acamonchi's works are aesthetically beautiful and definitely stand on their own without them. His use of color and layers capture the viewers gaze--once there, it’s hard to look away.

Acamonchi's creations are concocted in a rigidity that references the artist's own level of disciple. No space is wasted on his canvasses. His works exude vibrancy and life, but all of the components fit and always have their place. His work is relative only to itself, and within the spectrum of his creations lies a universe of color, value and essence.

Acamonchi has created a body of work that explores the superposition of colors and texture in techniques such as screen printing, stencil, drawing and collage. A variety of images that in a first sight seem like abstract compositions filled with rhythm and color, but when you have a closer look, they reveal a world full of iconographic barroquism of urban and generational references.
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