Be part of AMAZONIA-R-EVOLUTION, the worlds first global amazon art exhibition! We are inviting artist, poets, students, teachers, galleries, museums and organizations to participate in featuring works related to the

Amazon region & its' people.


Express your ideas, perspective and feelings and become part of the growing voice for the people and land of Amazonia and join us to see highlights with galleries and museums from 6 countries including the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Austria, Slovenia and Venezuela!


All mediums of art are welcome from performance, video, graffiti, music, dance & movement, body painting, sculpture, fine art, group projects, word, poetry, class projects, and more!


Pre-register your program details to be featured livestream! Or, simply upload your work on one of our communities at Flickr, YouTube, or any other social media and send us the link to be presented on



Be global leader and join our team!

Photograph: Antonio Briceno, Venezuela.
Photograph: Antonio Briceno, Venezuela.


Pre-register your program to be featured livestream! Or, simply upload your work to one of our communities on Flickr, YouTube, or any other social media and then send us the link. Written works may be sent in an email or attachement and not exceed 2 pages.



Please include the following info

Title of the work(s)
Your Name/Group/Supervisor
Category (traditional, multi-media, photography, sculpture/3D, open) 

Email and contact info
Brief comments/description of your work



Official launch: Jan. 1, 2012

Deadline: Dec. 31, 2012.



Send us your link and info in the box below. You and your work will recieve it's own page and will be featured as an Amazonia-R-Evololution Artist ! After your work has been added we will confirm your participation in the exhibition and send you a link to your page to share with friends and family.

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