Steve Beyer

Steve Beyer has a law degree and doctorates in both religious studies and psychology.


He lived for a year and a half in a Tibetan monastery in the Himalayas, and have published three books on Buddhism and Tibetan language and religion. He has been a professor at the University of Wisconsin—Madison, the University of California—Berkeley, and Graduate Theological Union.


For twenty-five years, he was a lawyer and litigator at a major international law firm in Chicago. Also he has been a wilderness guide and a peacemaker and community builder. He has studied wilderness survival among the indigenous peoples of North and South America, and sacred plant medicine with traditional herbalists in North America and curanderos in the Upper Amazon, where he received coronación by banco ayahuasquero don Roberto Acho Jurama.

Artist: Chris Dyer
Artist: Chris Dyer


He has worked with ayahuasca and other sacred plants in the Amazon, peyote in ceremonies of the Native American Church, and huachuma in Peruvian mesa rituals; and has undertaken numerous four-day and four-night solo vision fasts in Death Valley, the Pecos Wilderness, and the Gila Wilderness of New Mexico. He is a member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners, American Herbalists Guild, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness. He has served as an editor of the Journal of Shamanic Practice , contributing editor of, and the author of Singing to the Plants.

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Singing to the Plants is a book written by Steve Beyer, which explores in great length just what Peruvian mestizos shamanism is all about — what happens at an ayahuasca healing ceremony, how the apprentice shaman forms a spiritual relationship with the healing plant spirits, how sorcerers inflict the harm that the shaman heals, and the ways that plants are used in healing, love magic, and sorcery.

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