Chris Dyer

Chris Dyer is a voice of a younger generation of visionary Artists, who is re-connecting with the rhythms of the earth. He's a Peruvian artist living in Montreal, and is the creator for much of the art done for Creation Skateboards and Satori Movement Wheels from San Francisco, California. His experiences as a volunteer, re-planting trees is the wild landscape of Canada, has served as a deep inspiration which is expressed in his work. Not to mention, his travels which took him back to his roots in Peru where he experienced ayahuasca. Chris's has had exhibitions in Mexico, Belgium, Peru, France, US and Canada. Positive Creations, his company, is not only about colorful paintings, but, part of a hope to inspire higher vibrations on our planet.

Steve Beyer's Astral Self
Steve Beyer's Astral Self




"one of today's most important young visionary artists" - Steve Beyer

  “colorful and contagiously full of life”- Martina Hoffman

“unafraid to keep authentic and transcendent
vision at the forefront”- Robert Venosa