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Make a butterfly mobile




Draw the Tree of Life







Paint a parrot





A Recycled craft:

Paper Towel Tube Rainsticks





Geckos are great!

Let kids get creative with geckos. They have a great shape which lends itself for a lot of fun with different patterns and colors.


Cave and rock art dating as far back as 40,000
years was more recently made famous by the
Paleolithic paintings uncovered in 1940 in the 
Lascaux Caves of France but they have also discovered throughout the americas
and even in the jungles of South America
such as the Cueva de las Manos (Spanish for Cave of the Hands), a cave or a series of caves located in Argentina,. Have fun making your own designs with more info available HERE.







Make a Yanomami portrait






Rainforest  paperbag puppets

are easy and fun for all ages. Let everyone make their animal and put on a play such as the The Great Kapok Tree.





Cut and decorate a spiral anaconda!




Make a rainforest mask






Make a book


Here is a really great project made by third graders. Their beautiful art work from class was compilled into a book illustrating some of the things they had learned in class. Try this idea yourself at home or in school. You children will love creating something so unique!









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