Amazonas Workshop

"It's rare to see students so focused (for nearly two hours), which was due to the exciting, highly professional quality of the workshop presented by Heiko Dittmer of ARTE AMAZONIA. In a child-friendly manner, he  shared with us fascinating stories, introduced and played never seen before musical instruments, adorned them with South American indigenous objects, and the highlight was the tasting of all kinds of exotic delicacies. From the perspective of the teachers, the message regarding our responsibility towards the environment and endangered cultures did not fall short. This program covers not only the context of environmental education, but, it is also recommended for geography, music, and social studies. A real Amazon encounter!"

Let the museum come to you!


 ARTE AMAZONIA promotes education of the Amazon through a direct encounter

with rainforest objects. We offer workshops to kindergartens, schools, universities, camps and youth groups to help create awareness of the rainforest and our local environment. Through the senses students are taken on a journey through theAmazon where they can directly see, touch, hear, smell and taste things from the rainforest. The essence of this program is structured around authentic museum quality

indigenous objects.


Through a multi-sensory, hands on approach, we incorporate sounds of the rainforest, high quality pwer point presentation and real Amazon materials including Yanomami baskets, musical instruments, bows & arrows, masks, rainforest seeds, exotic edibles, palm fiber handicraft, and more. By exploring the indigenous way of life with their relationship to their environment, we can learn how it is possible to be more resourceful and sustainable in our own lives. Our hope is to plant seeds of awareness that will help protect these endangered cultures and environments, as well as our own.