If you are a school or teacher, we offer an exclusive Rainforest Workshop,

which takes students on a journey through the Amazon

 through a direct encounter with indigenous rainforest objects.



 There is no need to go on a field trip to the museum,

instead, let us come to you!


  With authentic Amazon materials, we offer unique teaching tools to help your

classroom come alive. This unique program creates awareness of indigenous cultures

and the environment for all ages. If you are looking for a quality experience that will

inspire students and teachers alike, then please register to receive full  details this program.

+School Fundraising & Rainforest Fair

Is your school or organization interested in our Fundraising  or Fair? If so, you receive up to 30% back for your school or nonprofit by purchasing natural jewelry, rainforest seeds, musical instruments, and cool stuff for Jungle-Kids !


Write us: info@arte-amazonia.com for deatils be sure to include the name of your school or group.