Warao Baskets

"We, the Guarao (Warao), live on the Land of the Arms of the Orinoco. If we were to name this territory in our native language the name would have to be Land of the Arms of the Orinoco. Our grandfathers were born here and died here. We, their grandsons, were born right here, we live right here and we shall die right here". -Excerpt from Hacedores de pais by Sudan A. Maccio


The trunk of the tree yields materials used for food, building, fibers, threads, rope, footwear, foliage used for roofing, fishing tools, loin cloths, arrows, hammocks and baskets. The Warao have demonstrated their profound ability of resourcefulness through their usage of this tree. They exemplify peace and harmony with nature, "by a rhythm of existence ruled by the light of day and the darkness of night". Life and death is defined by their ability to survive from what the earth provides and to find solace in that. Once we reach this point, we will be in a position to understand the Warao's affirmation that their country 'is the country of the mouth of the Orinoco. the delta being its universe' ". -Source:

Sudan A. Maccio of "Hacedores de pais"

  Their handicraft is inspired by the world around them and their need for survival. Traditionally, the Waroa made baskets for food gathering, storage and transporting. The material is mostly made from moriche palm was is concidered their "tree of life" from which their survival depends.

Warao Basket with Lid - sold
17 cm Diameter 13 cm High
32,00 €
Warao Vase Shaped Basket - sold
Hight 13cm Diameter 14cm Material: Moriche Palm Fiber
25,00 €