Pablo Amaringo

Pablo Amaringo was an indigenous painter (1938-2009) of Peru who has made a lasting imprint with his visionary art derived from his inner experiences obtained through the medicinal plant from the jungle called, Ayahuasca. The plant is used widely throughout the Amazon region and is often referred to as the vine of the soul as it gives spiritual insights

and it's claimed to have the power to heal.

The Ayahuasca Visions of Pablo Amaringo

Music by David Parsons "Tirtha"


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 A new collection of never-before-published

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• With written contributions by Graham Hancock, Jeremy Narby, Robert Venosa, Dennis McKenna, Stephan Beyer, and Jan Kounen

• Contains 47 color plates of Amaringo’s latest works, with detailed narratives of the rich Amazonian mythology underlying each painting

• Shares Amaringo’s personal stories behind the artistic visions

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