Aurora 2012: Festival of Nature and Spirit Pienza (Italy) - June 22-24, 2012

A festival of the healing traditions of the world

    A meeting with remarkable teachers and scholars

      A tribute to the evolutionary power of the feminine

    An occasion to be together in the heart of Tuscany

What can we do at this moment of transition to heal the Earth and ourselves?

    Are we entering a new paradigm in which humanity will finally learn how to respect life on this planet, or are we on the verge of economic, environmental and social disaster?

   Aurora 2012 will explore these questions and more through a program of meetings with prominent spiritual teachers from the Amazon, Tibet and the Vatican, with healers, researchers, academics and artists from all over the world. 

The festival will be set in the magnificent Tuscan countryside of Val d’Orcia, in Pienza, heart of the Renaissance culture, where ancient traditions, ecology and science meet. In this beautiful historical place we will begin a new dialogue with traditional indigenous cultures, developing a new relationship with nature, experienced not as an object, but as a sentient being.

Featured Amazonia Programs:

The voice of the forest, Juan Flores in Italy

Roma, Genova, Torino, Milano, Firenze & Pienza


Preview of the documentary “Nosis”. Q&A with authors and protagonist

22 Jun 21:30 — 22:30 : Teatrino della Compagnia, Monticchiello


Science and shamanism: ancient wisdom for modern times, lecture by Jeremy Narby,


23 Jun 15:00 — 16:30 : Sala Conferenze Comunale, Pienza


Amazonia Ambient 2.0, narration by Jeremy Narby on music by Franz Treichler

23 Jun 19:00 — 20:15 : Pieve di Corsignano, Pienza


Shamanism, knowledge, evolution, Q&A with Jeremy Narby, anthropologist

24 Jun 12:00 — 13:30 : Sala Conferenze Comunale, Pienza



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