Maestro Ayahuasquero


Music video for Maestro Ayahuasquero, a multimedia live performance

built around the shamanic songs of Juan Flores by Nosis Film.

Juan Gilberto Flores Salazar, 56, is an Ashaninkan healer from the Peruvian Amazon, who has dedicated his life to the study of medicinal plants and indigenous culture. Mr. Salazar comes from a lineage of Sheripari Ashaninkan healers form the Rio Ucayali’s sources, that dates back hundreds of years to the time of the great Inca civilization. He’s son of Sheripari Master Eusebio Davila. He has spent most of his life traveling throughout Peru learning from various elders and master healers from many different tribes. In 2001, he founded Mayantuyacu, a centre for the study of medicinal plants and culture that is situated in the crater of an ancient volcano, surrounded by virgin rainforest and is in one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world. Mr. Salazar is known worldwide for his vast knowledge of medicinal plants and his success in healing everything from cancer, to diabetes, to rheumatism, to depression and much more. His work has been highlighted in the publications of the Swiss-based writer and anthropologist Jeremy Narby. (The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge, Shamans Through Time and Intellingence in Nature). Recently Mr. Salazar has begun to travel and work with people abroad. His interest is in working with the best of both traditional and western medicine for the betterment of all of humanity. He’s married with Sandra Encalada Guerra, specialized nurse with a decade of esperienze in working with Ashaninkan community at the Brasil border. He’s also father of a daughter, Alessandra, born in 2004.