Bird Whistle - Painted
This fun little items make the sound of a bird call. Simply blow and move the end piece to make a variety of sounds. Colors vary-
From 4,95 €
Ethnic Instrument - Asalato
This instrument could be considered an art form as it requires not only skill but imagination and creativity. It is comprised of two gourds which are filled with seeds and then attached by a cord which is held between the fingers allowing th ... (Read More)
From 14,95 €
Peruvian Shaker
These handmade seed pod rattles, also called cachos, are made in Peru.  The seed is traditionally used throughout Amazonia and used as percussion instrument. Often they are sown or woven on a thin belt and wrapped on a stick, wrist, ankle or ... (Read More)
From 12,50 €
Shipibo Maraca
We carry authentic maracas from the Bora, Shipibo, Piaroa. These powerful shakers are objects of power, ideal for vision quests and shamanic practices.   Origin: Peru Materials: Calabash, achira seeds, wood, and thread ... (Read More)
25,00 €
Ethnic Instrument - Rainstick
From 12,50 €
Ethnic Instrument - Small Monkey Drum
This bight and colorful hand drum is just right for small ones - roll it in the hands and make a rhythmic sound. Made in Peru - 16.5 cm.
4,95 €
Thunder Drum
This is one of our most popular items. Stir is around and it creates a dramatic sound mimicking that of thunder. The Arte design is bright and cheerful with a textured surface and sure to bring a little sunshine into any rainy day! But, the ... (Read More)
20,00 € From 15,95 €
Cosmic Egg
Handmade in Peru and available in five sizes mini, small, medium, large and grande and each resonating it's own energy with it's own design. They are are made of dried and then carved calabash with rainforest seeds inside. Throughout many an ... (Read More)
From 15,00 €
Ethnic Instrument - Pacay Seed Shakers
Peru & Ecuador Dried seed pod shaker that are dried out in the sun. Sizes vary slightly.
9,95 €
Music Instruments - Spinning Frog
A fun toy for all ages... hold the stick and spin the frog which is attached by a cord and hear a little sound. Colors Vary.
6,50 € 5,00 €
Armadillo and Stick
These armadillos are hand carved in Vietnam and Thailand. Simply hold the armadillo in one hand and stroke its ridged back with the thick end of the stick provided to make a resonating sound. Materials: wood Size: W: 22cm; H: 6cm. Dark a ... (Read More)
16,50 €
This rustic and interesting African rattle from Senegal is made of several calabash gourd shells attached to a long, narrow wooden shaft joined to the longer main wooden handle at a 90-degree angle. Rakataks are often used in traditional Afr ... (Read More)
15,50 €
African Nut Shaker
These African Shakers are colorful and fun! The handle is wood wrapped in bright and colorful African cloth. 28cm.
From 14,50 €
Globo Fusion Shaker
These beautiful rattles are light spherical shakers made from hollowed calabash. They are filled with seeds and decorated with carved and burnt Adinkra symbols.These symbols are ubiquitous in Ghana - from the Asante tribe, they convey simple ... (Read More)
15,50 €
Double headed mini drum, shaken with wrist action, very good quality and price. originally an Indian instrument.
15,00 €
Ethnic Instrument - Bamboo Tongue Drum
35cmx8cm A bamboo Slit drum. Round instead of square! Fun to play suitable for all ages. -available in dark or light wood tones. Origin: Bali ... (Read More)
24,95 €
Shipibo Maraca
Origin: Peru Culture: Shipibo color and design may vary than shown Details: animal spirit guide/geometric Materials: calabash, achira seeds, wood and theads ... (Read More)
20,00 €
African Xylophone - Balafon
An awesome 6 Note xylophone hand made from Gambia the coast of West Africa! Amplified by gourds underneath the wooden keys and not turned to the western scale.      
65,00 €
Seed Pod Shaker
Origin: Bali Materials: nuts Size: 30cm Color: mixed blue, yellow, pink & greens   Colors vary   Nuts on a string! A shaker with a colourful twisted cord handle attached to a large nut which acts ... (Read More)
15,00 €
Peruvian Ankle Shaker
Peruvian seeds, nuts and beads make this a wonderful additional to your musical ensemble - shake, rattle & roll!
15,00 €
Hand Carved Available in two sizes: 36 cm Djembe 18cm available for little hands Senegal    Drums and percussive instrumen ... (Read More)
From 30,00 €
A brazilian percussion instrument in which you rub the stick in the centre between thumb and first 2 fingers in a rythmic manner, producing a kind of squeaky croak. Try wetting your fingers slightly or even use a small wet rag for maximum fr ... (Read More)
9,95 €
Seed Pod Clack
Simple, easy and fun Origin: Bali
9,95 €
Shipibo Maraca - Fish
Origin: Peru Culture: Shipibo color may vary slightly than shown Details: piranha/geometric No. A4 Size: 24cm long, 8cm x7.5cm Materials: calabash, wood, achira seeds and threads ... (Read More)
20,00 €
Shipibo Maraca - Anaconda
Origin: Peru Culture: Shipibo color may vary slightly than shown Details: anaconda/geometric Size: 20cm long,8 cm round Materials: calabash, wood, achira seeds and threads ... (Read More)
20,00 €
Hooting Owl
A whistle for the wise one. Hand carved and partially painted owl. Size 9x5cm
15,00 €
Panpipes are thought to have originated in the high andes, where their sound would echo the god's whistling in the high mountain passes. 15cmx8cm -Color band varies.
12,00 €
Caxixi - Sonajas
A cheerful woven rattle from Northern Peru. The word Sonajas means bells and inside the colorful soft palm straw it makes a gentle ringing sound when shaken. Woven in different color combinations from natural dyes. Used in local dances they ... (Read More)
12,50 €
Ethnic Instrument - Painted Thumb Piano
New from Bali a smaller coconut piano  - still with 7 notes, suitable for small hands. 12cm dia A natural produce so size will vary. Colors vary-
15,00 €
Made of bamboo and painted with colorful designs, this little instrument is sure to bring big enjoyment. Just throw it in your bag and take it anywhere!     Everyone will enjoy this easy to play instrument with its nice ... (Read More)
9,50 €
Mini Frog and Stick
See more Frogs HERE.
15,00 € 12,00 €
Clay Bell Pendent on Rope
Handmade clay bell pendant. Colourful Peruvian abstract decoration. The bell has a soft sounding jingle. 4cmx3cm
5,00 €
Ethnic Instrument - Brazillian Samba Whistle
This Samba whistle comes from Brazil. Hand carved from wood, it has three different tones which can be played by covering and opening the side holes. Traditionally it is used by the leader in Samba percussion groups to catch the attention of ... (Read More)
5,50 €
Hanging Monkey
The hanging monkey whistle is beautifully hand carved from wood and it makes quite a loud 'toot' when blown on his bottom. The arms and tails hook together or it maybe hung. Get one for the whole family to show that you are connected!!! ... (Read More)
15,00 € From 12,50 €
Brazil Nut Agogo
  100% sustainable instrument Each agogo is a unique piece of art Handmade from Brazilian Amazon   This agogo instrument is 100% natural and made from the large textured shell of the Brazil nut. The wood is select ... (Read More)
From 35,00 €
Bamboo Xylophone
Vietnamese Mini T’rung Hanging Bamboo Xylophone
24,99 €
Gecko Whistle
Handsome whistle hand carved wood. Bali. 11cm
15,00 €
Tribal Djembe -30 cm Hand Carved
This hand carved 30cm djembe jammer sounds awesome and is priced at an affordable range. Quality drum for all ages!   Ethnic designs vary!
48,00 €
Nasca Ocarina
Ocarina from Peru. Handmade and painted with traditional Nazca designs. colors vary.
15,00 €
Mini Ocarina
This ocarina is hand painted with traditional designs from Peru. Great for kids as it is on a sting so they wont loss it.
15,00 € 12,00 €
Shipibo Maraca
Origin: Peru Culture: Shipibo color and design may vary slightly than shown Details:  geometric, designs vary   Size: appx 24cm long, 5.5xm x 5cm Materials: calabash, wood, achira seeds and threads ... (Read More)
20,00 €
Earth and Sky Djembe
Made in Bali and hand painted this 30 cm wooden drum is a great value and easy to transport. Great for children and drumming circles!
35,00 €
Mandala Djembe-30cm Hand painted
Made in Bali and hand painted this 30 cm wooden drum is a great value and easy to transport. Great for children and drumming circles!
35,00 €