Amazon Maracas

Amazon Maraca


These authentic mararcas were handmade in the Venezuelan, Amazon. Maracas are traditionally an instrument of the shamans. This Amazon calabash is made from dried fruit of the Tapar tree, which is then carved with geometric patterns or figures. It is then filled with seeds or stones and secured with a handle and string. Design and size vary, 23cm.

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These maracas are handcrafted deep in the Amazon Jungle of Peru by the Shipibo. They are made from calabash and the handle is of wood of the chonta tree.


Each one has its own sound, filled with achira seeds and decorated with traditional designs making each one a unique piece of art. Beautifully etched, the patterns represent the traditional icaro song patterns of the Shipibo.


Shipibo Maraca

Origin: Peru

Culture: Shipibo

color and design may vary slightly than shown

Details:  geometric, designs vary


Size: appx 24cm long, 5.5xm x 5cm

Materials: calabash, wood, achira seeds and threads

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Their artisans are well known for their intricate designs on pottery and textiles. Inspired by Ayahuasca induced visions, myth and folklore. These refined geometrical designs are sophisticated interpretations of their cosmic realities.