Materials: Guasdua bamboo (Guasdua latifolia), mamure plant (Heteropsis spruceana), vegetable coloring.

Yekuana Wuwa (Wiwa) - Helecopter

This is a truly unique treasure handmade by the Yekuana of the Venezuelan, Amazon. This wuwa basket is made by the hands of the Ye'kuana women. The designs often reflect sacred and natural symbols from both their inner and outer worlds. Geometric forms and animals often figure promenently in the weaving of thier baskets. These symbols are inspired by their myths including anacondas, monkeys, picures, baquiros, and frogs. The helicopter motif exemplifies the impact of contact with 'civilization'. Here they have incorporated modern imagery by weaving it into their traditions.


36.5 diameter

36 high 

150,00 €

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