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Photo: The Calanoa Project
Photo: The Calanoa Project







Rainforest Home Accents includes

a variety of whimsical items just right

for your home, or, if you are

looking for an unusual gift.




Calabash Gourds

12,50 Euros
12,50 Euros



Ceramic Toucans

Bring a smile to anyones face with these happy ceramic toucans -available as Lovers (set of two) and the Loving Family (set of three).

These bowls & boxes are handmade with wood from the Thuya tree, a shrubby conifer indigenous to Southern Morocco. Both the root which provides the stunning burrs, and the lighter colored trunk are used.


Mentioned in the Old Testament and prized since ancient times, the oil from the wood is still prized for its' medicinal uses.

Wood Bowls & Boxes




Rainforest Tin Animals from Mexico are available as frogs, qeckos, parrots, toucans, butterflies, dragonflies and more. Made from tin and fired by a combination of different gases and melted copper and brass, the beautiful irridescent blues and greens are created in a secret technique known only by their makers.

Prices vary
Prices vary



Orinoco Bread and Fruit Baskets

 are made by the Hiwi of Venezuela.

 Each one is unique and handmade.

 They are a colorful and unique gift!

Wind Chimes



Coconut and Ceramic Mobile  

On the left

60 cm


Bamboo Wind Chime             


Coconut Mobile                





Orinoco Hanging Baskets

Great for organizing with style. Small baskets are ideal for hair assessories to cotton balls. The larger sizes are wonderful for storing almost anything from yarn to socks!


Larger ones maybe be used as a shoulder bag.




Yanomami Carrying Baskets are made by the women of the tribe for the purpose of carrying and storing items. These small carrying baskets are perfect for an exotic plant holder. Each basket is one of a kind and painted with geometric shapes like circles, dots, lines and waves - the patterns are aways unique.


Mayan Ceramic Calendar 25,00 Euros
Mayan Ceramic Calendar 25,00 Euros


The Mayan Calendar was consulted by the priests before engaging in any activity whether it was farming, warfare, religion or commerce. 

Mexican Earthenware

Our collection of ceramics includes decorative vases, wall plaques and Pre-Columbian style masks.