Moriche Hammocks

Moriche (Mauritia flexuosa linn), in Spanish "árbol de la vida" which means “tree of life.”

One of the special characteristics of the moriche is that the fibre is smooth and very comfortable to the skin. It is used through out swampy areas of South America and offers materials used for food, building, fibers, threads, rope, footwear, foliage used for roofing, fishing tools, loin cloths, arrows, hammocks and baskets. 

The processing of the fibers is time consuming and hard work. The leaves are cut from the tree, is dried for several weeks and then crushed into very fine hairy fibre. It is then boiled and dried in the sun. After, using their hands and legs, the fibers are twisted into very fine threads.


It is the material used for the highly admired and sought after Warao baskets and hammocks.