The Spirit Cries:

Music from the Rainforests of South America & the Caribbean

"Our new technologies are part of a powerful civilization which is rapidly transforming

the world around us. It changes the environment, often in ways that endanger the delicate ecological balance nature has wrought over the millennia. It also brings radical change to cultures. Sometimes that change is empowering. But all too often it endangers precious human ways of life, just as surely as it endangers the environment within which those ways of life flourish. This series is dedicated to the hope that with education, empathy, and

assistance, imperiled cultures can survive." - Mickey Hart and the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress

For this first title of the Endangered Music Project, Mickey Hart explored the vast repositories of the Library of Congress' American Folklife Center, sorting through hundreds of hours of tapes representing rainforest cultures of the New World.



The album, originally released in 1993, represents musics of seven tribal cultures: the Garifune of Belize; the Choco Indians of Panama and Colombia; the Shipibo and the Ashaninka, both of Peru; the Aluku of French Guiana; the Wayana of Suriname, and the Maroons of Jamaica. The music is integrally connected to settings where healing, spiritual forces, and practical knowledge of the forest converge. The Spirit Cries: Music from the Rainforests of South America & the Caribbean was issued in 1993 as part of “THE WORLD” series (now part of the Mickey Hart Collection made available by Smithsonian Folkways).              Click for Bio


"The depth of feeling and pure musical emotion on this cd is astounding. The musicians and singers on this cd are, for me, the voices who speak from and for our earth. This music isn't played as a concert, it isn't played to make money, it isn't played for any of the reasons that we in 21st Century Western Culture usually equate music with being "about". It is played just to express the core of human emotion and experience." Customer