Music Cd of the magical icaros of the Shipibo People of the Peruvian Amazon.

“In the beginning, there was only darkness, and in the middle of that darkness was a giant anaconda named Ronin, who encircled the Tree of Life in the Shipibo universe. This anaconda reflected back on her beautiful skin and began to sing the geometric patterns she saw, which then materialized to create the heavens, the stars, the earth, sun and moon, and all the creatures that inhabit these realms. A world made of song was the result of this action, and now every person and every living thing is imbued with their own distinct song pattern.”

The proceeds from this album go directly to the Shipibo singers and their families who participated in this recording. Your money and the energy it generates will help to preserve this indigenous culture and its music, simultaneously improving their quality of life as well. We as the producers of this album thank you sincerely for supporting this effort.

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Herlinda Augustine
Enrique Sinure
Manuela Mina
Magdalena Ochovano
Bernardo Ochovano
Juan Augustine
Limber Augustine
Basilio Lopez
David Enciso

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