Songs for Survival

"We have to listen to the indigenous cultures,

 and share in all of their knowledge which

 is so important for our future."   Bruce Parry

Bruce Parry, star of the BBC series’ ‘Tribe’ and ‘Amazon’, has teamed up with some of the music world’s biggest names to create a fundraising album for Survival. Every track on the album is exclusive, and they have all been written especially for the project.

The world’s brightest stars

Musicians on the album include:

KT Tunstall, (Black Eyed Peas), Johnny Borrell (Razorlight), Mike Oldfield, Jeremy Warmsley feat. Mystery Jets and Adem, Jason Mraz & Brett Dennen, Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens), Hot Chip, The Go! Team, Dawn Kinnard , Tom Baxter, Skin & Robot Club, Hybrid, Adam Freeland, The Egg, The Ruby Suns, Blue States, Way Out West and Tom Baxter.

In addition, Guy Berryman, Jonas from MEW and Magne from A-ha have formed a new band specially for the CD called Apparatjik, and recorded a track that has been used in the end credits of ‘Amazon’.

Track listing


Disc 1
1. Apparatjik (Guy Berryman /Jonas of MEW / Magne of A-ha) – Ferreting
2. Dawn Kinnard – Love is my new Drug
3. Will i Am (Black Eyed Peas) feat The Babongo Tribe – One People
4. KT Tunstall – The Hidden Part
5. Jason Mraz & Brett Dennen – Long Road to Forgiveness
6. Jeremy Warmsley & Mystery Jets – Grains of Sand
7. Johnny Borrell – Carrikfergus
8. Tom Baxter – Make a Stand
9. Skin & Robot Club feat Adi Tribe – Simmer Down
10. Yusuf Islam – Edge of Existence


 Disc 2
1. Hot Chip feat The Babongo tribe – Babongo tribe remix
2. Adam Freeland feat the Suri tribe – KIN
3. Hybrid feat The Suri tribe – Komuru
4. The Egg feat the Anuta & babongo tribes – Trails and Tribulations
5. The Go! Team feat The Babongo tribe – Templates from home
6. The Ruby Suns feat. the Penan tribe – Don’t touch the dusty fruit
7. Blue States feat Adi tribe – Hello Kombai
8. Way Out West feat The Suri tribe – Evalina
9. Roger Sanchez feat The Adi tribe – Noneya
10. Mike Oldfield feat the Anuta tribe – Song for Survival