Alexandre Segrégio

A Brazilian visionary artist highlighting thestrength, enchantments and the magic of nature.


In his constant search to improve his research methods and artistic skills, Alexandre often travels to places where forests and nature are more preserved: Rondonia, Amazonas, Goias, Tocantins and other Brazilian states. It is noteworthy how these places bring us not only a dimension that is perceptual, but also concrete, of the wealth of the flora, fauna, and traditional rituals of the indigenous inhabitants of these regions. 


He feels that at this time is history, the magic that permeates the forests reveals secrets of a holy realm that at this moment in time is only consciously recognized by a small number of people who are struggling for the preservation of the diversity of life that is vital for the equilibrium of the planet and all its creatures. It is this scenario that Alexandre Segrégio currently looks to for inspiration to portray in his paintings the cultural and symbolic diversity that for him exists in Brazil.

Alexandre Segrégio lives in São Paulo - SP. Brazil