Carlos Hernandez is a Venezuelan artist born on February 24, 1962, in the city of Valencia, Carabobo State. He was inspired by his wife, Edith Hereira, who also works with clay.


As his work developed, he found his true calling, to create works representing the true culture of his country.  He highlights the indigenous cultures of Venezuela, with a special focus on the Yanomami through clay sculptures.  

His passion, lead him to travel to the Gran Sabana, to gain insights to the Yanomami true way of life. There, he ate, slept and shared with them to gain insights to their customs to better express them.


His work reflects the beauty, the everyday objects, activities, and expressions of the Yanomami. A culture that he manifests with his hands through the simple material of clay, capturing the essence of their way of life. His three dimensional forms focus the attention of the viewer on the little moments that make the whole of their world.