Tatiana Cardeal

Davi Kopenawa Yanomami
Davi Kopenawa Yanomami




  "I've been admiring him form a long time,
a strong shaman with strong words,

  embracing the environment for his people

(and for us).

  It was a great honor for me to meet him

and to make his portrait." - Tatiana Cardeal


  • Tatiana Cardeal  is one the worlds great new humanitarian photographer based in São Paulo, Brazil. She has worked with numerous NGOS and publications internationally including clients as Amnesty International, Childhood Foundation, OXFAM International, The UN Institute for Disarmament Research, Forum Syd; the medias The Independent, WOZ newspapers, National Geographic Channel, Deutsche Welle, and the magazines The New Internationalist, Courrier International, Max, Plenty, Tomorrow, AFAR, WIENERIN, Annabelle,The Big Issue and YES!.

  • Through her work she seeks to express humanity existing through different socio-cultural identities, and specializes in in-depth documentary projects that investigate the development of a visual language that improves the social/human development, prioritizing her work with NGOs, Foundations, Institutes and Universities. Currently, she is the owner of Tatiana Cardeal Photography and Papel Social Comunicação.

"The invasion of the Yanomami lands by about 30,000 to 40,000 garimpeiros cost the lives, between 1987 and 1990, of more than 1,000 Yanomami in Brazil. Shocked with this tragedy, which revived in him the reminiscences of the epidemics that decimated his family in the 1960s, Davi Kopenawa engaged himself in a relentless struggle against the destruction of his people and of his land's forest. Thanks to his experience with the whites and the intellectual solidity his shamanistic knowledge gives him, he soon became the main spokesman for the yanomami cause in Brazil and in the world."

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Davi is a winner of the UN Global 500 award, and was a key figure in the campaign that resulted in the demarcation of the Yanomami's land in 1992.