Robert Caputo



Bob has lead a life of 'art and adventure', having appearing in and written the narration for the National Geographic Explorer films. He has published two children’s photographic books about wildlife  and two photographic essay books.

 He has taught workshops in Europe, the US, and Canada and given talks at many venues including National Geographic's Masters of Photography series and at The Explorers Club in NYC.


As a 25-year veteran writer and photographer for National Geographic Magazine, Bob's work has ranged from documenting traditional cultures and wildlife to covering wars, famines, and political strife. Assignments in Africa, Asia, South and North America included text and stories about the Nile, Congo, and Orinoco Rivers, and photographs of the indigenous cultures of Venezuela including the Yanomami. His photographs have been displayed internationally in the exhibition "Odyssey: The Art of Photography at National Geographic.


Prior to becoming a regular contributor to National Geographic, Bob worked as a cine cameraman on location in Tanzania for the TV series "Jane Goodall and the World of Animal Behavior." He lived in Kenya 1976-79 doing wildlife photography and as a photographic stringer for Time, Life, and other magazines.


Bob holds a BFA from New York University Film School. He worked on the curriculum for and teaches digital photography at The Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University. He wrote and made images for a special issue of National Geographic on digital photography, and has contributed essays to several National Geographic Books. He co-produced a feature-length documentary about the Nigerian film industry called "This Is Nollywood," which won the Audience Prize at the Abuja International Film Festival. He is founder of The Nollywood Workshops and is co-writing the script for a Nollywood feature shot in the fall of 2010.