Nigel Dickinson

Nigel Dickinson photojournalist, filmmaker, documentary photographer. Paris/London 

Environmental portrait editorial corporate campaigns: Portfolio

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The environment, marginalized communities, sustainable development, identity & culture. Apartheid, class race issues South Africa 1983, UK Miners Strike 1984-5; deforestation South East Asia. 1990s long term project Roma Beyond Borders Europe America. Sara. Le pelerinage des gitans pub. Actes Sud 2003; Roma work published National Geographic; shown European Parliament, Visa Pour L'image, Arles Rencontres, Moving Walls documentary series, Venice Biennale 2011.


Other work: Chernobyl exclusion zone, Smokey Mountain rubbish dump, Sharia Islamic law Nigeria, Meat Industry, Climate Change, Amazon Brazi.

UNEP bronze award Rio Earth Summit 1992; Mad Cows World Press Award 1997; Roma Beyond Borders runner up Eugene Smith Award 2000; MEAT shortlisted European Publishers award 2006; Cambodia Feature award UK Press Photographers Year 2008; Smokey Mountain Critical Mass Solo Exhibition Award 2011


Features in Stern, Figaro, Express, VSD, Marie Claire, Mare, Focus, National Geographic Magazine, Sunday Times, New York Times, The Independent, Zeit Magazine, Time, Newsweek, La Vanguardia, D Republicca


Photographer/filmmaker with Red Cross, IFRC, UNEP, Children Direct, Oxfam, Christian Aid, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Survival International, Accion Ayuda, Nanouk TV, The IEA, The IAEA, UNEP, OECD, Tamera

Documentation of great artists Sebastian & Marco Nereo Rotelli