Barbara Brändli

Born in Switzerland in 1932, Barbara Brändli has lived and worked in Venezuela for more than forty years. Her life has been a series of cultural shocks: the world of dance in Geneva, the microcosm of fashion in Paris, until her revelation to photograph and settled down permanently in Venezuela. The central theme of her most proment work is the Yanomami Indians where her works are a window into the past, "a return to our origins, a dip in time," she said. Using strong contrasts and subtle shades of gray, these images appear as a living fresco of the Edenic existence that these "men of the stone age," she calls as "the Son of the moon," knew before the tidal wave of Western culture. Her time with the Yanomami was in sharing the moments of daily life which crystallize in moments of joy, the return of hunting and war, children playing in the river, men and women sharing together in quiet moments such as adorning themselves. Barbara Brändli's offer us a powerful insite to a culture, that since her time of venturing into the jungle, much as changed.