Alastair Lee

Alastair Lee has been taking photographs since he first went travelling at the age of twenty. The main focus in front of the camera has always been his fascination for wild landscapes realised through many rock climbing and mountaineering adventures.  The author of two travel guides to Australia and New Zealand, Alastair's first full colour photography book was Eyes Up (2003), a selection of images from his worldwide travels. This was followed by Forgotten Landscape (2004), and his acclaimed Pendle (2009), a collection of photographs of his beloved Pendle Hill. Further books about the Lake District (2010) and Baffin Island (2011) have both received rave reviews from the photographic press. Over the past seven years Alastair has also developed his film making skills: his films have won over 50 international awards. Visit the 'Posing Productions' website to see the extent of Alastair's film making work. His latest offering PSYCHE II scooped the Grand Prize and Best Climbing Film at the 2010 Kendal Mountain Film Festival.