Sylvie Proidl

-a bit of crass with cress-


Sylvie Proidl, a visual artist whose work focuses on endangered environments. Last year, she joined forces with KAMPOLERTA, a group devoted to unusual uses of public spaces, to create KRASSE KRESSE on tour.


 The project was a Public Art Action event, intended to be intersubjective mixture between performers and onlookers to raise awareness of our environment through this FlashGardening event.



 The concept of FlashGardening was developed out of this project, as a fusion of the well known phenomenon of flashmobs and the idea of guerilla gardening. It was designed to be a quick event in which the plants were the mediators and made everyone in the space participants in the new genre, public-art-action.


The cress 'on tour' refers to the journey that each plant was to begin in finding a new home. The project included instruction on how to care for the plant and requested that participants document their plants growth via a Blog to share in the diversity of experiences each one went on to have.