The Cosmic Anaconda


This installation is basket sculpture encompassing the entire space with the mythological being, The Cosmic Anaconda. It is an abstraction of the confrontation of the indigenous way of life with that of "modern civilization." Included are 125 authentic Yanomami baskets mounted to the wall (and, can also be suspended from the ceiling) to create a three dimensional sculpture encompassing the space.


 The serpent, as manifested here, is a symbol for the "ancient knowledge" of the natural path which has sustained indigenous cultures for thousands of years. Each coil of the snake represented by a basket is uniquely painted geometric forms by the Yanomami encompassing the artistic expressions of their culture with a history dating back nearly 10,000 years. The Cosmic Anaconda takes the viewer into the heart of the Amazonian world, where the indigenous people must draw on the strength of their ancient knowledge, to preserve their ancient symbols, myths and magic.