Yasuni Film: Two Seconds of Life

  This is a creative documentary accompained with a music journey through Ecuador's proposal to "leave the oil in the ground". This film provides background information, amazing pictures of the Amazon rainforest and indigenous tribes, but also the shocking truth about oil pollution and destruction of Ecuador's rainforest over the past decades. You'll hear what scientists, politicians, indigenous people and oil company representatives think about Ecuador's proposal and the

 planet's future in the post-fossile era.  

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When: September 25, 2011
Where: Slovene Ethnographical Museum
Price:   FREE

This special event is to raise awareness of the cultures of the Amazon.
 Please join us to experience all of it's treasures!


  • US Premiere - 24 March, ENVIRONMENTAL FILMFESTIVAL, Washington DC- Don´t miss it!
  • FUNDRAISING PREMIERE: Sunday on March 13th @ Filmcasino in Vienna, Austria. Join us for a preview and discussion of the film with members of the film crew, the Embassador from Ecuador and  Ulrike Lunacek, Member of the European Parliament and the European Green Party.


  • Berlin Marketscreening YASUNI - Two seconds of life, Monday 14, 2.15 pm, MGB Cinema (Martin Gropius Bau). Its the only screening, save the date!


  • "Klimawandel", a German website that publishes articles on climate change and green energy, has written about our documentary and crowdfunding campaign!http://www.klima-wandel.com/?s=yasuni


  • Release in Austria: 29 April, various cinemas!


Two Seconds of Life
Details about the film and Yasuni.
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