Tatiana Canro

Annoto Enejutojo, El tiempo was filmed in the community of Boca de Nichare Yekuana Edo. Bolivar. The chief of the Ye'kuana community, knows the long journey for his people to preserve their culture.


Tatiana is a director, activist and has a production company based out of Venezuela. She holds BA in Broadcasting from the University of Los Andes. She has made studies and also has made documentary for the Community Television Center for Communication Studies Community located ICRT Television Serrana, Cuba. In addition, she also studied at the Social Work School in Santiago de Cuba.

Her works have participated in major film events like the Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana, the Indian Film Festival of Bolivia, Santiago Caracol Festival and International Film Festival Independent Mompox.

Her work focus on topics such as indigenous life, social issues and the general struggles of the common people.