Children of the Amazon

"... a moving and powerful film... in the most sympathetic way possible, highlights the human side of rainforest distruction, which is all too easily forgotten as we confront the challenges of global cliamte change."

- HRH Prince Charles


Through captivating photos and interviews, CHILDREN OF THE AMAZON tells the story of struggle and hope to protect the world’s largest tropical rainforest and its inhabitants. The film follows Brazilian filmmaker Denise Zmekhol as she travels a modern highway deep into the Amazon in search of the indigenous Surui and Negarote children she photographed fifteen years ago. Part road movie, part time travel, her journey tells the story of what happened to life in the largest forest on earth when a road was built straight through its heart. Zmekhol’s cinematic journey combines intimate interviews with her personal and poetic meditation on environmental devastation, resistance, and renewal. The result is a unique vision of the Amazon rainforest told, in part, by the indigenous people who experienced first contact with the modern world less than forty years ago.