Visionary Nutrition: Enhancing Your Health in a Psychedelic World

Physical and spiritual healing is advancing at a mycelial rate as visionary plant medicines are engaged all across the planet. Remarkable evolutions in nutrition and diet are revolutionizing lives and strengthening our species. We are transitioning into new ways of being: energized, empowered, interconnected Lifeforms on newly vast, ever-growing landscapes.

Places of dreams, realms of the soul, gardens of your mind; melted, mixed, aligned – revived, with archaic techniques of ecstasy, across time, space and mystery, we are learning myriad ways to lead healthier, stronger, longer, deeper, and more delicious lives.

However, we're going through some heavy stuff. Face it. In the cold shadows of Habit and History, our individual and collective well-being is experiencing an onslaught of novel stressors. Unprecedented ecological crisis, economic and political upheaval, ongoing nuclear fallout, war, invasive media, corporate take-over, numerous threats to our food's quality and supply. Dis-ease of all descriptions.

Thankfully, and luckily – the energy, tools, materials, traditions, resources, research, test-runs, bio- assays, art, music, experiments, elements, food and medicine required to calm the crisis, cure the chaos, compost catastrophe, energize the body, vitalize community and heal the planet are available and waiting for you.

Immense potential exists now to exponentially enhance your individual health in mind, body and spirit; fortify and deepen your relationship with the natural world; unite with myriad mysteries, to birth, nourish and strengthen the most dynamic, diverse, vigorous, and thriving generations this planet has ever seen.

Join David Wolfe, Daniel Vitalis, Peter Gorman, Morgan Brent, and Morgan Maher to create and explore the connections between health, nutrition, sacred plants, food, diet, and herbalism - in context of our ecological crisis and planetary transition.

With this course you will receive:

  • Forward-thinking, cutting edge information, research and strategies to completely upgrade, expand, heighten and maintain your personal health and well-being
  • New perspectives for vibrant worlds; potential paths, opportunities, ways-of-being and life-ways towards practical, ground-level integration and creation of visionary ecosystems
  • The wisdom of the plants. Shamanic teachings, sacred traditions and neoteric practices to deepen your relationship with plants, immerse in the natural, and communicate with the spiritual
  • Detailed inspiration to invigorate, navigate and take control of your body, mind, soul – food, diet, and medicine choices.
Evolver Intensives are live, dynamic experiences in which you become part of a community sharing real time with some of the most inspiring visionaries of our era.

Each session is devoted to one-on-one conversations between Morgan and a featured guest, followed by a Q & A session. Participants from the audience will be able to ask questions and offer their own comments and insights via live video, chat, text, or email. If you can watch a YouTube video, you can take part in this course.

Participating in this course will provide you with unique and unprecedented opportunities to upgrade your personal health strategies, strengthen archaic techniques, and co-create new relationships with food, medicine, and the world around you.

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