4. Internationaler Markt der Völker im MVK

4. bis 7.10.2012, täglich 10 bis 18 Uhr; Sa, 6. 10. (Lange Nacht der Museen), 10 bis 1 Uhr

4th International

Market of the People

Where:   Museum für Völkerkunde


1010 Wien/Österreich 


When:   October 4-7th, 2012 

  Join us one of the 4 days days at the International Market of the People which will be held the Ethnology Museum in Vienna this fall. Highlighted at this market are unique crafts and collectables from around the world. Extended hours available on Oct. 6th, the Long Night at the Museum, in which the doors will be open until midnight, or swing by after a visit to the Beyond Brazil Exhibition.