WHEN: 19.11.2011 16.00 - 20.00
WHERE: WUK, Währingerstrasse 59,

Grossen Initiativenraum, Stiege 5




Speaker: Heiko Dittmer of Arte Amazonia
Holds an interesting lecture on the roots of shamanism and the modern development of the cult of Maria Lionza in Venezuela presented with a photo show featuring the works of Francisco Elías Prada. Heiko Dittmer travelled and lived 20 years in Venezuela and is the co-owner of Arte Amazonia. Click here for more about Heiko.

Francisco Elías Prada
Francisco Elías Prada

Francisco Elias Prada is a photographer who as a young person with his family left city life to go live with the indigenous people of the Alto Apure amongst the Pume, and later, in the Upper Guajira, with the Wayu of Venezuela. As a young adult he escaped from prison after being charged for subversion. All of these experiences, combined with his yearning for change, fed his creative passions in capturing human expression, especially those who live on the fringe of society like the indigenous cultures.

Speaker: Dr. Judith Binder, General Practitioner
Founder of the Women's Men's Health Centre Trotula -
Focus: Women and naturopathy,
Huna - Hawaiian philosophy of life
us is interesting about your work and the Huna philosophy of life

Speaker: Susan Florries, Multicultural shaman and filmmaker
Takes us on a journey into the properties of black holes and tells us about the union of the energies that we often see as two different forces (yin-yang, Goddess-God, darkness-light), and how you can apply this knowledge in your life to live in freedom.

Live music with drums and rattles
Please bring your own like with drums / rattles!