When and Where

  • Bucharest, Romania
  • 23-26 June 2016
  • 4 Keynote speakers
  • 400 Tickets

Explore, discover and participate in the emergence of the world's new consciousness!
The world is changing. The time is now.

The world is changing and there is a rapidly growing awareness of the role that expanded states of consciousness, and visionary art play in the transformation of human and planetary awareness.

To support this movement, the Sumiruna Conference brings together some of the world's leading authors, visionaries, artists, researchers, and teachers to Romania, to discuss what can be gained and to share the latest research and techniques for exploring consciousness.

Keynote Speakers


Graham Hancock

Writer and Journalist

The evidence shows that many of the greatest civilisations of the past, from ancient Egypt to ancient Greece, and from ancient India to the ancient Americas, enshrined the use of psychedelics as a sacred practise and found immense value in the visions that ensued. Further back still, in the epoch of the great cave art 30,000 and more years ago, recent archaeological research suggests that shamanistic use of psychedelics was instrumental in the birth of the modern human mind.

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Dennis J. McKenna

Ph.D., Ethnopharmacologist and Research Pharmacognosist

Consciousness is something that most people know from subjective experience, but might find difficult to define.  There is a general consensus that being conscious involves being awake, aware, and having a subjective sense of self-hood.  Introspection, which implies an internal state of awareness, seems to be an essential element of consciousness, as does the ability to apprehend the external world through sensory receptors and to interpret that information in a way that is meaningful, and that fits within some kind of conceptual framework of self-awareness.

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Jan Kounen

Director and Filmmaker

In the documentary ”Other Worlds” Jan Kounen reveals the healing power of the Shamans and their plant teachers. Filmed mostly in the Peruvian Amazon, it features several internationally distinguished luminaries and shamans who are interviewed about the nature of the Ayahuasca experience, such as Jeremy Narby, the visionary artists Pablo Amaringo and Alex Grey, Stanislav Grof, and many more.

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