Exhibition: ORINOCO



This extensive exhibition provided by the Cisneros Foundation consisting of over 800 artefacts shows the ever more endangered way of life of the Yanomami, Ye'Kuana, Hiwi, Hoti, Panare and other Indian peoples who have lived in the rainforest of the Orinoco River region of southern Venezuela for thousands of years.

20. April 2011 - 28. Sept. 2012


Set up in an original way to present the sonic and visual aspects of the rainforest, the exhibition follows the Indians' life in the forest, on the river, and in communal houses. Exhibits include hammocks, poisoned arrows, bat necklaces and many other original objects from the extensive collection held by the Venezuelan-based Fundación Cisneros foundation.


The collection, comprised of over 800 objects used by the Indians in everyday and ritual life, was amassed from fieldwork in the second half of the 20th century. Apart from the already mentioned objects, it includes masks, carvings, ritual shamanic objects, stools, ritual sticks and weapons, funerary mortars, jewellery, beautifully coloured aprons, garments, musical instruments, boats, earthenware, baskets, textiles and more.

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